Experience the Wonder

Trade Show Magician

Marketing research reveals trade show magicians to be one of the most effective tools for sales and marketing presentations.

Trade show Magician as Sales Tool

Get value from your tradeshow dollar.

Trade show magician JD Stewart gets you the best return on your tradeshow investment.
JD works with your staff to understand your business goals. Then he works with your staff to create a program to meet those goals.

Communicate Your Message

Trying to communicate a complex message on the trade show floor? Introducing a new product or initiative?
Trade show magician JD Stewart presents concepts in a simple, easy to understand, fun, and entertaining way. JD's demonstrations bring out the fun and excitement of innovation.

Trade Show Magician sells.

People will not buy if they do not stop. Trade show magician JD  Stewart's magic stops them in their tracks.
People won't buy if they don't hear your message. JD mixes your sales message with entertainment. People can't help but hear your message.

Magic Combats Deception

You want your customers to get the best value for their money. Why is your product be the best value? A peek behind the curtain can show how you provide the best value. Trade show magician JD Stewart shows how easy it is for your competitors to trick them. He shows how easy it is even intelligent people even when they are looking for the deception. His presentation shows your customers how competitors can manipulate them while appearing to educate.

Entertainment Marketing

Trade show magician JD Stewart combines jaw-dropping magic with a lead generating sales and marketing message. Regardless of the venue JD Stewart MD (magic dude) draws crowds and communicates messages that both entertains and sells.

JD's custom presentations are creative and thoughtful. When top companies need the perfect entertainment marketing experience, JD Stewart MD (magic dude) delivers. Attendees do not simply pop in and leave. They stay and listen to your message. With JD Stewart MD (magic dude) on your marketing team, your clients return again and again to hear your message.

Hospitality Suites

The trade show floor isn’t the only place to network with potential customers. The hospitality suite provides excellent opportunities to deepen those relationships. Get the full benefit of your investment by having JD give your valuable guests a reason to stick around. The longer they are there, the better opportunity your team has to create those valuable relationships.

JD draws them in and keeps them entertained. He presents incredible, up close, sleight of hand, and jaw-dropping magic in a fun atmosphere. This provides you the opportunity to develop relationships. The magic is something you share. It is an icebreaker and helps build bonds.

You go to a trade show achieve business goals. Rather it is direct sales, lead generation, networking, or brand recognition, trade show magician JD Stewart MD (magic dude) gets the job done.