Experience the Wonder

One of the most important and difficult things to accomplish in creating a really special event is to make sure your guests start enjoying themselves immediately upon arrival. This is where magician JD Stewart MD (magic dude) can create an enchanting environment immediately with close-up magic or strolling magic. JD Stewart MD (magic dude) entertains everyone, a few people at a time. Close-up or strolling magic is perfect for any type of event where the entertainment should not distract from the main event.

JD Stewart MD (magic dude) will delight your guests with sleight of hand and lighthearted interaction without disrupting private conversations or other activities.
Your guests will thank you for bringing such unique and amazing entertainment. They will gasp with delight as they are entertained with their very own private show. Your guests will adore the show as cards, coins, and other objects seem to come to life in their very own hands.

Close up and strolling magic is an enchanting, fun, and intimate form of entertainment. It is perfect for holiday parties, cocktail parties, hospitality suites, corporate socials, or before or after dinner entertainment. JD Stewart MD (magic dude) is able to create ‘magical moments’ so that each person feels special.

This is magic in its most intimate form. Your guests will be impressed with your desire to ensure they have a good time. And it will be a lasting memory.

Don't wait and be disappointed! Contact JD Stewart MD (magic dude) today. Call 512-468-0011 right now to schedule him for your special event.